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Faith Leaders - Revitalize Your Life, Your Ministry, And Your Congregation

In a World That is Drifting Apart: Reconnect, Grow, and Find Holy Purpose

By God’s grace, discover the transformative power of the Neuro-based Enneagram for cultivating effective leaders, reinvigorating your congregation,
and attracting new members.

When You Encounter
Modern Challenges in Faith Leadership such as...


In an age of increasing loneliness and busyness, genuine, soulful bonds seem harder to forge. Many feel isolated, even in crowded rooms or bustling congregations.

Grow with the Neuro-based Enneagram: A Sacred Partnership with the Holy Spirit to...

Reconnect Authentically

Use the Neuro-based Enneagram as a compass, guided by the Holy Spirit, to cultivate genuine connections with others and with yourself.

Diverse Personalities, One Congregation

In a world rapidly changing, bringing a diverse group together under a shared faith becomes increasingly challenging. Different personalities can mean different interpretations, leading to potential discord.

Understanding Beyond Surface

Dive into the intricacies of the Neuro-based Enneagram, a tool that reveals the core of personality types. Understand your congregation's unique personalities, fostering unity in diversity.

Keep Engagement Alive

With distractions at every corner, maintaining consistent engagement with your congregation is more demanding than ever. How do you keep the faith alive and burning in each heart?

Elevate Engagement and Participation

Harness the power of Email Evangelism. Craft campaigns that resonate, driving participation in church activities, from tithing to Sunday service and beyond.

Paths converge

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." - Proverbs 3:5-6

Effective Leadership Amidst Complexity

Leading isn't just about what you say. It's about understanding, compassion, and connecting at a deeper level. But how do you navigate the complex maze of personalities and emotions?

Lead with Authenticity and Compassion

Become the leader your congregation needs. Grow in self-awareness and self-knowledge with compassionate, authentic, spiritually mature leadership.

Stunted Spiritual Growth

Many yearn for deeper spiritual growth but find themselves trapped in a cycle of stagnation, unable to move beyond their current level of understanding and love of God.

Foster Spiritual Growth

Embark on a transformative spiritual journey. With increased self-awareness through the Neuro-based Enneagram, and the Holy Spirit as counselor, discover your divine path and overcome barriers to spiritual growth.

Seeking God in a Secular World

Navigating faith and finding God's presence becomes increasingly challenging in a world that often seems indifferent or even hostile to spiritual pursuits.

Guidance in a Complex World

In a world that often feels overwhelming, rely on the Neuro-based Enneagram, committed discipleship, and Email Evangelism, all illuminated by the Holy Spirit, to bring clarity, connection, and purpose to your church.

We know that God has a unique and amazing plan for each person and through each person and leader, for each church as well.

But we are often blind to what may be holding us back and blocking us from experiencing the deep love of God that guides and unites us.

The Neuro-based Enneagram is a powerful tool to enhance connections between people, 
increase personal self-awareness, and improve communication.

Discover the Neuro-based Enneagram in:

Discipleship Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Spiritual Direction
Email Evangelism


Empowering Spiritual Growth:
Forge Deeper Connections with the Neuro-based Enneagram

2 men reading the Bible underneath a tree

"Search me, O God, and know my heart. Try me and know my thoughts. See if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting." Psalm 139:23-24, ESV

"Debbie is a woman of integrity with a profound love for Jesus and a profound love for others. With discernment from God she desires to see others grow in knowing God and knowing themselves for the sake of wholeness and healing." 

~Heather Canup, Pastor for Discipleship

In a time when personal connections can feel fleeting, we always need deeper spiritual connection. 

The Neuro-based Enneagram offers a bridge – a way to deeply understand the individual spiritual needs of your congregation members.

As members grow in self-awareness and self-knowledge their discipleship journey becomes a transformative experience.

Group meeting in circle
Deborah Owen Spiritual Director

The role of a leader extends beyond directives. It's about empathetically nurturing, guiding, and understanding. 

With the Neuro-based Enneagram, discover the intricate facets of your personality and those of your team. Develop the self-awareness that is crucial for growth and authentic leadership, and learn to lead with genuine compassion and wisdom.


As a leader your invitation is to follow Jesus and walk with the Holy Spirit in loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength... and your neighbor as yourself. To do this effectively, you also need to grow in self-knowledge.

That's where both Integrated Discipleship and the Neuro-based Enneagram come in, through discipleship coaching, spiritual direction, and Email Evangelism.

Now you can know Jesus more clearly, love Jesus more dearly, and follow Jesus more nearly.

It's time to discover that God is already with you, right now and in every moment, with love so great, you can't even imagine it (Eph. 3:14-21).

It's time to discover your true leadership potential.


Unlock Your Leadership Potential:
The Universal Power of the Neuro-based Enneagram

Great leadership transcends domains and industries. At its core, it's about self-awareness, understanding others, and guiding with empathy. The Neuro-based Enneagram isn't just for church leaders – it's a tool that empowers leaders everywhere to ascend to their highest potential.

The Neuro-based Enneagram: A Tool for All Leaders

CEOs, team leads, educators, and professionals from various fields have harnessed the insights of the Neuro-based Enneagram.

From resolving conflicts to fostering team cohesion, the Neuro-based Enneagram plays a pivotal role.

  • Diverse Workplaces: Navigate the multifaceted personalities of any organization, fostering harmony and understanding.

    Effective Communication: Speak and act in ways that resonate, bridging gaps and fostering stronger connections.

  • Authentic Leadership: Discover the authentic leader within, guiding with empathy, understanding, and vision.

    Personal Growth: Journey inward to understand your strengths, areas of growth, and how best to lead.


    Stay Connected, Engage More: Introducing Email Evangelism

    In an era where digital communication thrives, the Gospel has a new avenue to reach hearts and minds.

    Email Evangelism is more than just email newsletters – using the Neuro-based Enneagram, it's a care
    fully crafted journey that invites your congregation into deeper engagement, participation, and spiritual growth.

    Young adult woman looking at laptop screen

    Why Email Evangelism?

    - The Personal Touch: Custom-crafted emails that resonate with each member, addressing their unique spiritual needs and journey, and your church's mission and purpose.

    - Increase Participation: From Sunday services to mission projects, watch as engagement and attendance soar.  

    - Strengthen Bonds: Stay top-of-mind, fostering a sense of community even outside the church walls. 

    - Drive Donations: Encourage tithing and contributions through compelling, heart-felt campaigns.


    From small congregations to sprawling communities, churches can witness the transformative power of Email Evangelism. They can see members return, donations increase, and spirits uplifted.


    Deborah Owen coaching

    For Individuals

    If you fear, "I'm not enough...
    "If you feel like your "blind spots" keep blind-siding you...
    If you sometimes wonder, "I thought there was more to life than this..."
    Let's talk.

    Connect with God through spiritual direction, leadership coaching, and the Neuro-based Enneagram.

    Deborah Owen consulting

    For Churches

    Do people in your community look at your congregation and say, "What's going on there? I want to be part of that!" If not, let's talk.

    Through Discipleship Consulting and Email Evangelism let's build an "on-ramp" for spiritual growth that has a ripple effect, not only for your members, but also within your community.

    Deborah Owen teaching

    For Organizations

    A custom-designed workshop or retreat can dramatically turn around the spiritual health and maturity of your church or organization.

    With the Neuro-based Enneagram, you will uncover new ways to speak and listen to each other with compassion and empathy based on your unique personalities.

    "Deborah is a sincere and authentic seeker of God. She uses her gifts to encourage others on their journey with God in discovering more deeply God's love, forgiveness, healing, and wholeness"

    ~Jessica Neiman, MSW Children and Family Therapist

    Neuro-based Enneagram

    What is the Neuro-based Enneagram?

    With the Neuro-based Enneagram, you can discover your hidden, unconscious triggers that disrupt your relationships and prevent you from achieving your goals.

    Instead, explore how, in Christ, you are enough, you are appreciated, you are loved, you are unique, you are good, you are safe, you are fully equipped for life, and you are powerful in your authentic self!

    3 strands of a braided rope

    What is Integrated Discipleship?

    Do you want to see your church to thrive, and have a positive impact in your community? Do you want to see your individual church members to grow in faith and spiritual maturity, gradually becoming more like Christ?

    Integrated Discipleship is an approach to help your church grow... in faith, in spiritual maturity, in service to others, and in numbers.


    "How does Email Evangelism help members grow both spiritually and in attendance?"


    About Deborah Owen and Inside Out Ministries

    After attending church my entire life and doing "all the things" (choirs, youth groups, handbells, Orff instruments, missions, Bible studies, church plays, etc., etc...), I felt like there was still something missing from my life. I was spiritually thirsty.

    That all changed a few years ago when someone began to disciple me one-on-one. That transformative experience, along with several other learning and growing opportunities, helped me see that I was being invited to a deeper love and more mature spiritual relationship with God.

    Accepting God's invitation led to new discoveries about myself through the Enneagram. Then came a commitment to follow God's call to share Integrated Discipleship through Inside Out Ministries with tens of thousands of other "church-attenders" who are also spiritually thirsty.

    Love God, Love others, Make disciples

    Are you discovering your purpose?

    -- 86% of Americans (6 out of 7 adults) believe there is a universal, shared purpose of human life, and 2 out of every 3 (66%) believes they have a "unique, God-given calling or purpose."

    -- Yet fewer than 20% of the 71% who consider themselves to be Christians adopt the biblical view that our purpose is to know, love, and serve God.

    According to a Cultural Research Study at Arizona Christian University


    “The disconnect is staggering. As a nation we yearn for purpose and calling... Americans hold on to these basic biblical ideas of what makes human existence meaningful, yet, at the same time, we refuse to recognize reliance on God or His existence when talking about human success or purpose.”

    ~Dr. George Barna, CRC Director of Research and author of the American Worldview Inventory 2020, commenting on the statistics, above