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My Gifts For You

Deborah Owen

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Until then, these are my gifts for you.

I'll be adding more resources so come back soon!

River of Renewal  (Click here to access)

Are you longing for a greater sense of peace? Do you sometimes feel caught between chaos and rigidity? The River of Renewal model-- simple but powerful--helps you navigate life's challenges with grace. Discover how to move from reaction to thoughtful response by blending conscious awareness and personal responsibility, guided by the transformative power of your faith.

Soul-filling 35-day Retreat in Daily Life (Click here to access)

Is your soul weary? Discover the refreshing, living water of the Holy Spirit. This Soul-Filling 35-Day Retreat in Daily Life guides you from burnout to a renewed sense of purpose and peace. Find deep intimacy with God in the midst of your everyday routine.

Even if you're too busy for a "real" retreat, this unique 35-day experience brings spiritual renewal into your everyday life.
Carve out intentional moments for prayer and reflection, fostering deeper intimacy with God amidst the demands of your schedule. Experience the transformative power of God's presence

A Path for Discernment

Coming soon!