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Retreats, Workshops, Speaking

Renewal, Clarity, Purpose...

Group silence on retreat

Retreats for church leaders

Retreats for church leadership can be scheduled for your church alone, or with leaders from other churches.

Take a much-needed break from the demands of running and nurturing a church.

Leaders: don't neglect to take the time to care for your soul and focus on your own spiritual development and growth!

Retreat... Disconnect from stress... Renew your faith

A retreat is "a withdrawal from enemy forces." Go away from home, and leave behind the noise, the daily grind, and everyone else's demands and expectations. 

When you need space... and time... to reconnect with who you're called to be, retreat.

With guidance from Deborah Owen, this custom-designed retreat for individuals is your opportunity to explore more about who God is, and who you are, while also connecting with others in your church community. It gives you the opportunity to care for your soul and reenter life with greater connection to God.

Retreats can help build stronger relationships among church members, encourage participation in church activities, and offer a way to invite non-members to try out being part of your community.

A retreat is like a personal sabbath...

"Now more than ever, churches need to be about making and shaping disciples. Debbie fully understands that, and I have seen firsthand her care and calling in helping people discover and live out their faith."

~Rev. Dr. Scott DeBlock, Pastor and Presbyter


Gain increased clarity with workshops that are custom-designed,
interactive, and hands-on.

Retreat meeting

Possible workshops:

Your Unique Path and Purpose: A transformative workshop that combines the power of the Neuro-based Enneagram with Integrated Discipleship to help you discern your full potential as a follower of Christ.

Leadership Potential, Unlocked: Become a more effective, joyful, and discerning leader. 

First, Know Yourself; The Power of the Neuro-based Enneagram: Discover your "blind spots" - unconscious triggers that keep you stuck - and your "sweet spots" - unconscious gifts that help you flourish.


Love God. Love others. Make disciples.

"Uh-huh. Got it," you say.

But where - and how - do you begin?

Begin with a presentation by Deborah Owen. She is passionate about sharing discipleship that transforms lives.

After spending many years as an award-winning teacher and musical performer, she now engages congregations and audiences of all types with exciting and interactive keynotes and presentations. She especially loves to talk about what it means to be an Integrated Disciple, and how to use the Neuro-based Enneagram as a tool to overcome your blind spots, so you can focus on your God-given sweet spots.

Inspiring. Challenging. Memorable. Provocative. 

You'll leave, not just thinking, but feeling... and planning what your next step is, to know yourself better, and to know and love God and others more fully. 


Deborah Owen speaking

Jesus has always invited his followers to come to him for wisdom and encouragement from his humble and gentle heart. As a spiritual director, Debbie provides a safe setting to explore what Jesus is lovingly welcoming us into. I have so appreciated Debbie's sensitivity and kindness that emerges out of her own knowledge and experience of life with Jesus.   

~Allison Collingwood, directee